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  1. Lightweight Foldable Transport Wheelchair (Green)

    Buy NowCAD370

  2. Deluxe Aluminium wheelchair (Green)

    Buy NowCAD500

  3. Wooden hand grip walking stick with pattern

    Buy NowCAD30

  4. Extending Foam Handled Aluminium Folding Cane Seat (Grey)

    Buy NowCAD50

  5. Adjustable Forearm Crutches w/Patterns - Black

    Buy NowCAD52

  6. Tri-Walker Removable Bag

    Designed for the Tri-Walker range.

    Buy NowCAD16

  7. Extendable Plastic Handled Walking Stick with Engraved Pattern (Colour Blue) - Out of stock

    An extendable, plastic handled walking stick with 5 foldable sections and 5 height adjustment settings, for use with either hand.

    Buy NowCAD20

  8. Mini Folding Walking Stick (Kimono)

    Buy NowCAD44

  9. Rubber stopper

    Buy NowCAD3

  10. Mini Folding Walking Stick (Sixties)

    Buy NowCAD44

  11. Mini Folding Walking Stick (Polka Dot)

    Buy NowCAD44

  12. Tradition Crutch - Silver (One pair)

    Buy NowCAD72

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