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  1. Aluminum two button children folding walker

    This lightweight Folding Walker is a simple to use, height adjustable walking aid. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use the foldable walker is manufactured with a lightweight aluminium frame and has ferrule tips on the legs for added comfort and grip.

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  2. Rubber Tip - Dark Green

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  3. Fleece Lined Scooter Cosy

    The Scooter Cosy is the ideal garment to provide protection from the wind and rain for your lower body and features a fleece-lined back panel for extra comfort and warmth.

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  4. Extending Foam Handled Aluminium Folding Cane Seat (Grey)

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  5. Mini Folding Walking Stick (Rose)

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  6. Rubber stopper

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  7. Mini Folding Walking Stick (Animalia)

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  8. Adjustable Walking Stick (Black Floral)

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  9. Foldable Steel Frame Wheelchair

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  10. Lightweight Foldable Transport Wheelchair (Green)

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  11. Adjustable Forearm Crutches w/Patterns - Pink

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  12. Foldable Walking Frame (with wheels)

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