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  1. Writing Grip for Pens and Pencils

    The Writing Grip slips over any standard size pen or pencil; ideal for those with limited strength or grip in the hand, wrist or arm.

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  2. Plastic Handle Button Hook

    The Plastic Handle Button Hook is useful for those with limited dexterity or with the use of only one hand.

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  3. Deluxe Comfort Grip Magnifier with 6 LED Lights - Out of stock

    A deluxe handheld Magnifying Glass with 6 high output LED lights for reading, hobbies, crafts, maps, etc.

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  4. Deluxe Weekday Pill Dispenser with Push Button Release

    This deluxe weekday pill dispenser is the perfect way to make sure you never miss your medication.

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  5. Sock Helper

    The Sock Helper makes putting on socks and tights easy.

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  6. 3-in-1 Pill Crusher and Cutter with Storage

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  7. Urine/Catheter Bag Hanging Holder

    The Urine or Catheter Bag Hanging Holder will accept all popular bags and fits easily over the edge of the bed or a bed rail.

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  8. Female Urinal

    The Female Portable Urinal is a convenient, portable urinal with an easy carry handle, designed specifically for female use.

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  9. Portable Urinal Hanging Holder

    The Portable Urinal Hanging Holder will accept most portable male and female urinals (WxDxH up to 120x100x300 mm) and fits easily over the edge of the bed or a bed rail.

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  10. Playing Card Holder (Set of 2)

    This pair of Playing Card Holders is the ideal, hands-free games set and will hold up to 15 standard playing cards each. Please note: playing cards not supplied.

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  11. Urine/Catheter Bag Floor Holder

    The Urine or Catheter Bag Holder will accept all popular bags and can be used either freestanding or hanging from the edge of the bed or bed rail.

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  12. Handsfree Craft Magnifier

    A handsfree Craft Magnifier with adjustable neck cord. The impact-resistant acrylic Craft Magnifier is ideal for close-up and intricate work with 2.5 x magnification. Featuring non-slip feet and lightweight construction, the magnifier is suitable for both home and travel use.

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