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  1. Microwavable Slippers and Neck Warmer Set

    This gift set includes a pair of plush slipper boots and a neck warmer, both of which are designed to be heated in the microwave to provide comfort from aches and pains, or to keep you extra snug on cooler evenings.

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  2. Compact Weekday Pill Dispenser (Purple)

    The handy, compact Weekday Pill Dispenser provides a simple reminder to take your medication, with one clearly-labelled compartment per day.

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  3. Wall Mounted Key Safe

    The Wall Mounted Key Safe is a secure, affordable and weather resistant Key Safe suitable for use outside. It is quick and easy to fit with the supplied fixings and provides a secure place to store a spare key for your home or car.

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  4. Week Day Multi Pill Dispenser - Out of stock

    The Week Day Multi Pill Dispenser is ideal for people who take large numbers of tablets throughout the day at regular intervals. It has 4 compartments clearly marked for each day at set times (Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening).

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  5. Pedal Exerciser (unaseembly white compact version)

    The Pedal Exerciser is an easy to use item for home exercise and enables you to enjoy upper and lower body exercise from a seated position; pedals can be moved forwards or backwards and the resistance can be adjusted with the top adjusting knob. Use your feet in the pedals to exercise your legs, hips and buttocks, or rest the Pedal Exerciser on a table and turn the pedals with your arms for an upper body workout. Requires no external power supply.

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  6. Handheld Magnifier with Light - Out of stock

    A handy Magnifying Glass with a single internal light for general reading, hobbies, craftwork, maps, etc. The handheld magnifying glass with light is ideal for the car or situations where light is limited.

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  7. Deluxe Weekday Pill Dispenser with Push Button Release

    This deluxe weekday pill dispenser is the perfect way to make sure you never miss your medication.

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  8. Deluxe Handy Reacher (Size Length: 600 mm (24 inch))

    The Deluxe Handy Reacher is part of the Aidapt range of personal aids and features an improved gripping claw and comfortable handle/trigger.

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  9. Leg Lifter

    This handy personal aid enables the leg to be lifted on or off a wheelchair or bed by pulling the handle loop.

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  10. Colourful Week Day Multi Pill Dispenser

    The Week Day Multi Pill Dispenser is ideal for people who take large numbers of tablets throughout the day at regular intervals.

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  11. Handsfree Craft Magnifier

    A handsfree Craft Magnifier with adjustable neck cord. The impact-resistant acrylic Craft Magnifier is ideal for close-up and intricate work with 2.5 x magnification. Featuring non-slip feet and lightweight construction, the magnifier is suitable for both home and travel use.

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  12. Long Shoehorn

    This longer length Shoehorn is designed to help the user put on shoes without bending.

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