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  1. Urine/Catheter Bag Floor Holder

    The Urine or Catheter Bag Holder will accept all popular bags and can be used either freestanding or hanging from the edge of the bed or bed rail.

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  2. Adult Dining Bibs (3 piece) - Red

    These attractive Adult Tartan Bibs have an absorbent material front with a waterproof backing.

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  3. Colourful One Month Pill Organiser

    This pill organiser is ideal for sorting tablets up to one month in advance.

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  4. Massage Boot with Heat

    The fleece-lined massage boot with heat features two powerful motors, separate heat control and two massage levels.

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  5. Small Weekly Pill Dispenser

    These affordable Weekly Pill Dispensers provide a simple reminder to take your medication; ideal for use as a general pill sorter or a pill dispenser during holidays.

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  6. LED Clip Light

    A lightweight LED Clip Light for reading in areas of low light. The LED Clip Light is ideal for both home and travel. Use the Clip Light in bed without disturbing your partner or take the clip light in the car to read maps, without disturbing the driver!

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  7. Tablet Splitter - Out of stock

    The Tablet Splitter is the easy way to split tablets for those with limited dexterity.

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  8. Magnifier

    Lightweight 65 mm handheld magnifying glass with a black, plastic frame and handle, offering 5x magnification.

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  9. Plastic Handle Button Hook Zipper - Out of stock

    The Plastic Handle Button Hook/Zipper has a loop hook at one end for securing buttons and a C hook at the other for fastening zips.

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  10. Pedal Exerciser with Digital Meter

    Folding Pedal Exerciser with Tracking Meter is the ideal way to strengthen arm and leg muscles; improving circulation; and aid your cardiovascular system. It is made from strong, chrome plated steel. It is designed with adjustable tension knob to set pedal tension as desired; adjustable pedal strap to fit various foot sizes; contains non-slip tips for extra stability during use; and includes tracking meter to keep track of time, distance and calories.

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  11. Playing Card Holder (Set of 2)

    This pair of Playing Card Holders is the ideal, hands-free games set and will hold up to 15 standard playing cards each. Please note: playing cards not supplied.

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  12. Plastic Bedpan with Lid

    This robust, plastic Bedpan features a fitted lid and integrated handle for easily transporting and cleaning the bedpan.

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