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  1. Bendable Spoon

    A Dining Aid Set consisting of a bendable spoon , together with a utensil strap.

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  2. Large Scoop Bowl

    This useful Scoop Bowl has been designed as a dining aid (or kitchen aid) to help users with limited dexterity, particularly those with one hand.

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  3. Tap Turners

    An innovative design to make the operation of standard kitchen and bathroom taps easier for those with limited hand use.

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  4. Multi Purpose Opener

    The Multi Purpose Opener is a useful kitchen aid for those with limited dexterity. It has an adjustable steel band which clamps around a jar or bottle top and also incorporates a bottle top opener and ring can pull.

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  5. Meopham Height Adjustable Trolley - Out of stock

    The Meopham Height Adjustable Trolley is a robust, high quality trolley, adjustable in increments of 25 mm.

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  6. Plastic Plate Guard - Out of stock

    It fits tightly around the rim of any circular plate.

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  7. One-Way Drinking Straw

    The One-Way Drinking Straw makes drinking easier for people with weak oral musculature or those who have difficulty swallowing.

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  8. Tenura Silicone Rubber Anti Slip Circular Mat/Coaster 19 cm (Colour Red)

    Tenura anti slip circular mats/coasters are a silicone rubber mat that are available in 2 sizes and 3 colours, they offer excellent non slip qualities and can be used in many areas, and with them also being non toxic are suitable for use in areas which require high levels of hygiene.

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  9. Nose Cut-out Cup (Green)

    The Nose Cut-out Cup is a dining or kitchen aid that has been designed for customers who have difficulty tipping their head back; the cut out section fits around the nose, making drinking much easier and more comfortable.

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  10. Ring Pull Can Opener

    This compact and lightweight kitchen aid is ideal for users with a weakened grip or limited dexterity, as well as those who want to avoid damaging their nails when opening tins and cans.

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  11. Universal Jar and Bottle Opener - Out of stock

    This easy-to-use kitchen aid has been cleverly designed to enable you to quickly open stubborn lids on a huge variety of jars and bottles with just one compact product.

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  12. Height Adjustable Strolley Trolley

    The ideal trolley to transfer meals and other items around the home.

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